Boom Truck Delivery

Boom Truck Delivery

If you’re in the construction and building materials industry, chances are that you’ve seen boom trucks on the highway or at jobsites delivering product. If you’re familiar with boom trucks or you’ve worked with companies who use boom trucks, you also know how beneficial they can for builders, contractors, and developers.

Boom Truck Components

Boom trucks consist of three components: the hydraulic crane, the flatbed, and the crane operator cabin and operator control. All three of these components serve different purposes to get product and materials quickly and easily to the jobsite.

Hydraulic Crane

The hydraulic crane—also known as the boom—allows workers to lift heavy materials from the floor to the roof. For example, you would use a boom truck to deliver sheets of drywall to a seven-story commercial build, most likely through the window. The boom allows for a faster stocking process and does all the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to.


The flatbed of the boom truck is used to store and transport the materials, which eliminate the need for staffing a crane and hauler. Boom trucks offer ease and accessibility while also being user-friendly and lowering labor costs for jobs.

Crane Operator & Operator Controls

When it comes to boom trucks, there are two types of cabins: a fixed cabin and a separate cabin. In a fixed cabin, the boom truck operator sits and steers the machine, while swing boom trucks have a separate cabin on the flatbed to steer. Both types of boom trucks are equally affective and have the same capabilities with delivery, operation, and accessibility.

Benefits of Using Boom Trucks

There are many benefits of using boom trucks to deliver products to your jobsite including speed, ease, size, reach, and control. The advantages of boom truck delivery includes:

  1. Quick delivery turnaround. Boom truck delivery allows a smaller team for stocking and delivering materials and for workers to place product on each floor as needed.
  2. Easy transport. Unlike regular cranes, boom trucks are all-in-one delivery and stocking vehicles to complete every step of the job—they’re also very mobile and can move freely and quickly on public roads and highways.
  3. Compact design and size. Because of their compact design and light weight, boom trucks do not hinder traffic on busy streets and are more maneuverable in smaller spaces like big cities.
  4. Long reach. Did you know that boom trucks can reach between 60 and 150 feet? This means that boom trucks can stock high-story buildings through small spaces or long distances.
  5. Increased control. Since operators have precise control over maneuvering the crane and materials, loads are placed directly where they are needed quickly and correctly.

Boom trucks do all the heavy lifting when delivering product to jobsites, and they do it well. Enjoy the ease, accessibility, and efficiency of boom trucks with Jones Heartz Building Supply.

Efficient Boom Truck Delivery & High Quality Materials from Jones Heartz

Boom trucks are in high demand for both commercial and residential builds. At Jones Heartz Building Supply, we have the biggest fleet of boom trucks in the Front Range for easy, quick, and accurate delivery to make your projects successful and accessible. To learn more about the products and materials we carry and the boom truck delivery we can provide for your project, give us a call today.