Introducing DQT Technology: Improving Timeliness, Tracking & Travel

Introducing DQT Technology: Improving Timeliness, Tracking & Travel

As we navigate supply chain demands, many companies are looking to up their game with technological advances. Whether it is online ordering, scannable inventory, or delivery tracking, technology is helping businesses all over the world become faster, smarter, and more successful.

In the building materials industry, companies are often behind the curve when it comes to new-world advances—but when it comes to innovative delivery technology, Jones Heartz is a pioneer.

What is DQT Technology?

Jones Heartz is proud to announce our new delivery tracking technology, DQT Technology. DQT Technology helps with planning and routing product delivery while giving complete visibility of all order statuses in real time. Gone are the days of you worrying, stressing, and waiting for your materials to arrive at your jobsite.

Along with order updates, our drivers will now be able to update customers on their location, ETAs, and delays while optimizing dispatch and operations. Not only will DQT Technology increase our customer satisfaction, but it will also increase our efficiency and delivery to allow more jobs and delivery each day.

Benefits of DQT Technology

With DQT Technology, Jones Heartz will be able to have better fleet and delivery management with the following benefits:

  1. Efficiency. Real-time communication can increase efficiency by diverting drivers from road delays and traffic. Even a mere few minutes can boost fleet use!
  2. Safety. Driver monitoring encourages behaviors that align with our regulatory and safety standards, improving safety by reducing risk of accidents and damages.
  3. Job satisfaction. With delivery tracking technology, drivers have more control over their daily deliveries and routine, leading to job satisfaction for both customers and employees.
  4. Operating costs. Saving even a few minutes on delivery time increases efficiency and fuel savings while reducing operating costs. DQT allows drivers to take detours for a faster route and direct them to more cost-effective fuel sources.
  5. Driver retention. Did you know that delivery drivers have one of the highest turnover rates of any job? DQT Technology will increase our team’s communication, engagement, and overall happiness and success so we can keep serving our customers with the best in the business.

Operating with safety and efficiency and prioritizing our customers and employees are longstanding values at Jones Heartz. Being committed to the customer means being innovative and timely, and we are always working to improve our services- delivery tracking brings us one step closer to doing just that.

Innovative Customer Service & Quality Materials from Jones Heartz

At Jones Heartz, we strive for the highest level of customer service to serve you the best way we can- our customers are our top priority, and we are dedicated to making consistent improvements wherever and whenever we can. Our new dispatch system will integrate our delivery schedule with GPS and allow drivers to navigate the quickest route for jobsite delivery while ensuring timeliness, safety, and productivity.

To learn more about how we can help with your project, stop by one of our locations today or give us a call. Service is our business, and we can’t wait to serve you and your project!